The Best Makeup Colors For Your Face

Look fresh, glowing, and gorgeous with makeup shades that flatter your skin.

Credit: Peter Buckingham

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Green shadow

"Green is a neutral just like beige, only more pigmented, so it adds more dimension," says New York City makeup artist Suzy Gerstein.

Look for gold (just subtle flecks) in a powder- or cream-based shadow. It reflects light and draws attention away from fine lines.

Buy one green shadow, not a whole palette full. "It's more modern to lightly dust one shade of green over the lid, stopping at the crease," says Gerstein. "Three different colors along the base, crease, and brow bone can overpower your face, especially if you're over 35."

Don’t match liner to your shadow. Line your eyes with brown (for a soft look) or black (if you need a bit more definition).

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