Celebrity Health Secrets: Fit, Famous Men Over 40

Being in great shape is easy for those with personal chefs, trainers, and money to spend on their health, right? In reality, staying healthy takes work. Check out some of Hollywood's healthiest men over 40, and their secrets to staying fit.

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Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe, 49, is aging well partly because he's conquered his greatest vice: alcohol. The actor, who is 20 years sober, told Men's Fitness that he still seeks the thrill alcohol gave him, but has managed to find it in things like helicopter skiing and big-wave surfing.

But Lowe wasn't always so healthy. He began shaping up a few years ago after spotting himself in a magazine's "Worst Beach Bodies" article.

Now living an alcohol-free, low-carb life, Lowe has lost more than half of his body fat and rivals men half his age in health (and looks).

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