Take Control of Your Ulcerative Colitis

14 Foods to Avoid If You Have Ulcerative Colitis

Specific foods or eating habits don't cause ulcerative colitis, but they can make it worse. Here are some common foods that can exacerbate ulcerative colitis symptoms.

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Corn and mushrooms

It's hard to digest corn or mushrooms, says Dr. Kane. "We eat it, we chew it, but for the most part, those corn kernels are still going all the way through you whole." This can cause GI irritation and diarrhea in those with ulcerative colitis, so many choose to avoid these during a flare-up.

Dr. Kane recommends that IBD patients follow a low-residue diet while they are experiencing symptoms; this means avoiding anything that won't digest totally, such as corn, mushrooms, roughage like broccoli and cabbage, and small, hard foods like seeds and nuts.

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