Bobbi Brown: Beauty Coach

Celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown shares her secrets for looking your best in every situation.

Skin Care Tips From Bobbi Brown

Celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown answers all of your skin care questions, from moisturizer to makeup.
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How do I figure out my skin type?

Susan Summers, Sun City, AZ

Bobbi: Just pay attention to how your skin looks and feels. Do you need powder 15 minutes after you wash your face? If so, your skin is oily. I suggest a gel-based cleanser and a light oil-free moisturizer.

If your skin is tight or flaking however, it's dry, s try a creamy cleanser and thicker moisturizer. I swear by creams and balms that are super hydrating— they're perfect for this time of year. Plus, they give a smooth, plumped-up look and feel good on your skin.

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