Hair Care Tips From Bobbi Brown

Celebrity stylist Bobbi Brown shares her hair care secrets for highlights, bangs, and everything in between.

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How can I make my highlights last longer?

Ashley Nevins, White Plains, NY

Bobbi: Instead of paying to color it again, try a DIY highlight enhancer, which revives color with natural tints. Brunettes should rinse with 2 cups of cool black coffee over damp hair in the shower; leave on for 10 minutes, then shampoo. If you’re a blonde, use 3 cups of cooled chamomile tea throughout wet hair; wait 15 minutes before shampooing. Redheads, add 1 cup of rose hips (from a health-food store) to 2 cups of boiling water, let cool, then leave on damp hair for 20 minutes before washing.

Bonus: All of these condition as well!

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