Bobbi Brown: Beauty Coach

Celebrity makeup artist Bobbi Brown shares her secrets for looking your best in every situation.

Hair Care Tips From Bobbi Brown

Celebrity stylist Bobbi Brown shares her hair care secrets for highlights, bangs, and everything in between.
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How can I keep my hair color from turning brassy in the summer?

Katie McConnaughey, Queens, New York

Bobbi: The best strategy is to shield your hair from the sun. My colorist says UV rays love to break apart hair-dye molecules, which can lead to fading. I’m a fan of baseball hats in the summer, but you can also wear a bandanna. At the beach, I protect my hair by coating it with regular spray-on sunscreen, which leaves it super-shiny. Also, I use a color-correcting shampoo or conditioner that eliminates brassiness by depositing just a bit of color pigment.

Spray to protect: Bumble and Bumble Color Support Conditioner for Warm Brunettes ($23;

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