Incontinence? 13 Products That May Help

Whether it's due to pregnancy or childbirth (if you’re a woman) or prostate cancer treatment (if you’re a man), the problem is something you’re probably working with your doctor to treat. But there are also everyday products that can help.

Credit: Afex

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External collection system (for men)

Incontinence is more common in women than in men because of anatomical and hormonal reasons, but men who do have incontinence may have a bigger problem. They actually lose up to three times as much urine as a woman during a severe incontinence episode, Muller says.

One product that may help is an external collection system, which includes a collection bag attached to a sheath that goes over the penis. And everything fits inside a washable pair of cotton briefs.

"It’s very comfortable, discreet, and economical," says Muller.

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