10 Sinus Infection Symptoms

If you've been congested or had other symptoms for weeks, you may have a sinus infection.

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You cough up phlegm

A so-called "productive" cough often accompanies a sinus infection. Some people even mistake it for a cold or bronchitis. However, coughing from a sinus infection usually gets worse at night and in the morning, whereas coughing from bronchitis is more consistent throughout the day and night.

The night/morning hacking is a result of the sinuses draining down the back of your throat when you lie down, triggering the cough receptor in the back of the nasal pharynx, Dr. Papa explains.

"Anything that collects at the back of your nose is going to trigger a cough like that. It comes up in the morning because that’s when it all drains out," he says.

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