Surprising Celebrity BMIs

With plenty of cash to hire personal trainers and private chefs, Hollywood’s hottest have all the tools in place for perfect health. But if you measure a celebrity’s fitness by their BMI, or body mass index, the numbers tell a different story.

Credit: Sipa

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Estimated BMI: 30.8

This former bodybuilder and Terminator star is the poster child for physical fitness. But surprise! He's "obese"—at least according to his BMI. He stands tall at 6'2" and our experts say Schwarzenegger probably weighs in at about 240 lbs., which would give him a super-high BMI of 30.8.

Schwarzenegger shouldn't sign up for a weight-loss program just yet. All that muscle mass can yield a misleading BMI. "I'm hoping that we'll find another easy calculation to replace BMI soon," says Largeman-Roth. "After all, it was developed in the 1800s."

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