Surprising Celebrity BMIs

With plenty of cash to hire personal trainers and private chefs, Hollywood’s hottest have all the tools in place for perfect health. But if you measure a celebrity’s fitness by their BMI, or body mass index, the numbers tell a different story.

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Often the numbers don't add up

For athletes with loads of lean muscle mass, BMI measurements can be misleading because the scale doesn't differentiate between muscle and fat. That means that the world's top sports stars are often classified as overweight. But even the trimmest actors—particularly the shorter ones—aren't immune to confusing BMI classifications.

We asked our top two nutrition experts to put BMI to the test with seven celebrities. Registered dietitians Frances Largeman-Roth and Julie Upton, both members of the American Dietetic Association, analyzed photos of these stars. Keeping heights in mind, they offered their best estimates of their weights, and we started crunching the numbers.

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