12 Natural Remedies for Incontinence

There are drugs and surgeries that may help incontinence, depending on the cause of the problem, but there are other options. Exercises, lifestyle changes, and possibly even some supplements may help. Here are 12 to consider.
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Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises—which involve flexing the same muscles you use to stop the urinary flow—are top on the list of remedies.

“Kegels are very useful for early stages of incontinence, and after a surgical repair to maintain pelvic floor tone over time,” says Philippe Zimmern, MD, a professor of urology at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

A physical therapist can tell you how to do them and how often; You may see an improvement after six to 12 weeks of continued practice. And you’ll have to keep doing the exercises to maintain the benefit, Dr. Zimmern points out.

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