12 Natural Remedies for Incontinence

There are drugs and surgeries that may help incontinence, depending on the cause of the problem, but there are other options. Exercises, lifestyle changes, and possibly even some supplements may help. Here are 12 to consider.

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Stay hydrated

It sounds counterintuitive if you always have to go, but drinking enough water and other fluids is crucial in managing incontinence.

If you don’t stay hydrated, you may end up constipated, which can irritate the bladder and cause incontinence. Dr. Zimmern recommends drinking between six and eight cups of fluid a day. Just be sure to drink the bulk of them during the day, so you don’t find yourself rushing to the bathroom during the night.

And, keep in mind all the fluids that you drink, not just water, Dr. Zimmern says. Those cups of coffee, soda, and other beverages count toward that eight-cup limit, too.

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