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50 Holiday Foods You Shouldn't Eat

'Tis the season to be jolly—and pack on pounds indulging in rich, fattening fare. Here are 50 holiday foods you and your family should avoid, along with healthier options that only taste indulgent!

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As a cousin of the fruitcake, this Italian holiday bread's main ingredients are similar—lots of butter and sugar. Don't be fooled by the pieces of dried fruit studded throughout, either; one slice of a commercially produced loaf contains at least 300 calories, about one-third of them from fat, and can have as much as 110 milligrams of cholesterol—almost half the recommended daily amount.

Instead, make your own gift-bread with antioxidant-rich cherries and chocolate. Our recipe uses dark stout beer, which adds a dose of silicon that may help boost bone density.

Try this recipe: Stout Chocolate-Cherry Bread

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