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50 Holiday Foods You Shouldn't Eat

'Tis the season to be jolly—and pack on pounds indulging in rich, fattening fare. Here are 50 holiday foods you and your family should avoid, along with healthier options that only taste indulgent!

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Cranberry sauce

Cranberries are a great source of vitamin E, K, and C, and dietary fiber. Still, pay close attention at the dinner table during the holidays. Typical canned cranberry sauce has 105 grams of sugar per serving, over four times the amount the AHA recommends per day for women. It also adds over 400 calories to your plate.

Incorporate fresh or frozen fruit and less sugar to make a healthier turkey topping. For example, our spiced cranberry sauce recipe uses three-quarters of a cup of brown sugar total and is only 74 calories per serving.

Try this recipe: Cranberry Relish

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