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Magical Makeover Moves

They don't call them beauty and fashion "tricks" for nothing! Here, we compiled the best ways to get full lips, bright eyes, a flatter belly, and a whole lot more.

Credit: Levi Brown

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Tricks of the trade

by Jennifer Goldstein
From Health magazine

Makeup artist Julie Hewett was working on a movie recently when the director told her to make the lead actress look 10 years younger. "I'm a makeup artist, not a magician!" Hewett remembers thinking. And yet she was able to wave her wand (a.k.a. blush brush) and make it happen.

How'd she do it? Read on for her age-erasing, cheek-sculpting makeup move, plus other tricks makeup artists and stylists rely on to give their clients (and now you!) an unbelievable boost.

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