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How to Clean Everything Better

From your fingernails down to your hardwood floors, here are the healthiest, gentlest ways to give dirt and grime the one-two punch.

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Your handbag: The outside

Get into the habit of hanging your bag up versus plopping it down on restaurant or bathroom floors, to avoid picking up germs. Clear the dirt and dust off a leather bag by applying a leather conditioner once a week.

If stains remain, use a leather cleaner or mix a capful of dish soap with 1/2 cup water, and wipe the bag with the mixture using a white paper towel or terry cloth. Rinse the soap off thoroughly, stuff the bag with towels to retain its shape, let air-dry, and follow up with a leather conditioner, says Daniel Pegnato, master leathersmith at Fortuna’s Shoe and Luggage Repair in Bethesda, Maryland. Take the bag to a leather professional for any stains, like ink, that have soaked into the leather.

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