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How to Clean Everything Better

From your fingernails down to your hardwood floors, here are the healthiest, gentlest ways to give dirt and grime the one-two punch.

Credit: Augustus Butera

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Inside your handbag

Your bag is a magnet for microbes, such as staph, salmonella, even E. coli. Watch out if you stash loose cash in your bag: “Paper money is the dirtiest thing in your bag. The flu virus can live on bank notes for 17 days,” Schmidt says. (Coins that are made from copper, an antimicrobial, are surprisingly clean.)

If you pack a snack like freshly washed fruit, make sure to seal it in a plastic bag to prevent germs from attacking it. To clean the inside of your bag, vacuum using the crevice attachment, or use a long bristled suede brush to dump crumbs into the garbage can.

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