23 Easy, Low-Fat Dinners

Prepare a simple and satisfying dinner with these healthy recipes. We'll show you how to make everything from pasta and pizza to burgers and burritos, all with less than 15 grams of fat.
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Blueberry Oat Pancakes With Maple Yogurt

Have breakfast for dinner with these hearty pancakes. Because this dish takes some time to prepare, make it in the evenings when you are not in a rush. Cottage cheese and Greek yogurt give a creamy texture to the rolled oats while still keeping the fat to just 12 grams per serving.

Ingredients: Rolled oats, cottage cheese, eggs, vanilla extract, blueberries, cooking spray, Greek-style low-fat yogurt, maple syrup

Calories: 410

Try this recipe: Blueberry Oat Pancakes With Maple Yogurt

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