The Secret to Hotter Sex

It’s as simple as breathing. Try these pleasure-boosting moves to up your enjoyment tonight.

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Circle your breaths: the technique

To begin, sit straddling your partner’s lap, and gaze into each other’s eyes. As he breathes out, you breathe in. Then, when you exhale, he inhales. Continue doing this for about 10 breaths or so, until it starts to feel natural. Next, as you breathe in, imagine energy from your partner entering you with your breath. (It may sound kind of kooky, we know. But stay with us here!) Then, draw that energy to your down-there zone and, as you exhale, imagine breathing out from your erogenous zone into your partner’s. As your partner breathes in, he should imagine the energy moving from your erogenous zone into his and draw that energy up through his body, breathing it back into your body to complete the circle.

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