7 Deliciously Frugal Feasts


Credit: Jim Bathie

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Cut cals and cost

Love to cook but avoid pricey ingredients? Get all your favorite foods for less calories and less cash by using these 7 mouthwatering and wallet-friendly recipes.

Fish Tacos With Sesame Ginger Slaw

Tilapia is a relatively inexpensive fish, and the tangy topping is made of condiments that won't break the bank. Plus, with plenty of filling fiber, you won't be sneaking up to the fridge for a midnight snack.

Ingredients: Tilapia fillets, cooking spray, salt, pepper, low-fat Greek yogurt, limes, dark sesame oil, low-sodium soy sauce, fresh ginger, honey, coleslaw mix, corn tortillas

Calories: 390

Try this recipe: Fish Tacos With Sesame Ginger Slaw

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