Thinner by Dinner: How to Dress 10 Pounds Lighter

Changing up how you dress can take off 10 pounds—or more. Steal these insider tricks from top stylists to the stars.

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What’s the best way to minimize a big bust?

“Bra-fitting is crucial,” Bloch says—and it’s available for free at most department stores. If you’re chesty, look for a bra that both supports and sleeks you. When it comes to the clothes you put over that bra, Bloch says, “You need to leave the neckline open—create a V, an upside-down triangle, so you pull the eye down toward a narrower place. A vest over a shirt is nice. If you wear just a shirt or blouse, open the buttons and wear a tank top underneath. Overall, it helps to create a sleek, column-like effect,” Bloch says.

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