Vaginal Grooming: How Safe Are Down-There Beautification Trends?

It's not just waxing and trimming anymore. We got into the weeds on the latest vaginal-beautification trends.

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What it is: Coloring pubic hair to match your other ’do, cover up gray, or amuse your partner on Halloween.

Is it safe? The skin beneath your pubic hair is far more easily irritated than your scalp—which is what most hair dyes are intended for. “Does it mean you shouldn’t dye your pubic hair? That’s a personal choice,” says Libby Edwards, MD, chief of dermatology at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a specialist in diseases of the vulva and vagina. “But I would certainly test it out on another part of your body first.” (Try your armpit, since the skin in that area is almost as sensitive.)

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