Beauty Tips From Bobbi Brown

Beauty guru Bobbi Brown answers readers' questions and shares her skin, hair, and makeup secrets.

Credit: Brian Henn

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I have one great eyebrow and one unruly one. Help!

— Marissa Brockmann, Charleston, S.C.

Bobbi: You're not alone. Every woman has differences in the shape of her brows; I've never seen a perfectly symmetrical pair. The key is to work with the one that's more troublesome—whether it's thinner or shorter—to help it match the stronger brow. I use a slanted brush dipped in powder shadow to fill in, but a pencil also works. A touch of hairspray keeps brows in place (just spritz on your finger, then apply). You might want to visit a pro for a shaping, then maintain at home by plucking strays.

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