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The 50 Fattiest Foods in the States



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Oregon: Brunchbox's Redonkadonk

While Oregon isn’t the only state to offer gigantic, heart-stopping burgers, a particularly outrageous version—called the Redonkadonk—can be found at BrunchBox, a popular food vendor cart.

Ingredients: Egg, ham, Spam, bacon, and American cheese on a beef patty, between two grilled-cheese sandwiches on thicker-than-normal Texas Toast bread in the place of a bun

Fat content: It’s hard to know how much of each ingredient is used in the BrunchBox recipe, but count about 13 grams of fat in a beef patty, 5 grams of fat for each slice of cheese (remember, it’s not just on the burger but in the grilled-cheese buns as well), 3 grams of fat per slice of bacon, and 15 grams per serving of Spam.

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