15 Healthy Grilled Chicken Recipes

Whether you prefer your chicken over lettuce, in a pasta dish, or on a bun, we’ve got a recipe for you. Enjoy 15 lean and flavor-packed ways to make grilled chicken great.

Credit: Beau Gustafson

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Indian-Spiced Burgers

All your favorite Indian flavors—garam masala, red pepper, and ginger—bring a low-cal, savory flair to your typical burger. It tastes great on its own, but add the hot mango chutney and yogurt-mint spread for increased spiciness.

Ingredients: Green onions, lemons, garam masala, ginger, salt, red pepper, ground chicken, Greek yogurt, fresh mint, hot mango chutney, hamburger buns, spinach leaves

Calories: 364

Try this recipe: Indian-Spiced Burgers

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