Best and Worst Celebrity Health Habits

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Health habit
She likes The Clean Program, a 21-day “detox” regimen that costs $350. The program's shakes and supplements helped the Oscar winner drop the weight she gained "during a majorly fun and delicious phase," according to her blog, (Paltrow reportedly put on 40 pounds while pregnant.)

The skinny
The program allows one filling, solid meal a day—drawn from a diet made up of mostly raw fruits and vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, fish, and nuts. But experts say the rice-protein powder and fiber shakes just make you poop, and the supplements—probiotics, enzymes, and concentrated essential oils—won't clean out your system any better than your system can cleanse itself. "Our bodies, when we eat a healthy, balanced diet, naturally do an amazing job of detoxing," Giancoli says.

Grade: B

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