Tantalizing Low-Cal Teatime Treats


Credit: Joseph DeLeo

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Afternoon delights

by Susan Hall

Dissatisfied with ho-hum or high-calorie snack options? Take a relaxing retreat with this classic pairing of soothing hot tea and scrumptious cookies. We've got six simple solutions that are sure to satisfy your taste buds without piling on the pounds.

Lavender Tea and Lemon Treat
Sweeten up your afternoon with this delicious and dunkable combo. The sweet cookie and sour zest flirt with fragrant lavender tea for a treat that wakes up the senses. And this match is not without its health perks: the oil in lavender has been shown to calm the mind and body, while lemon's tangy scent is an au naturel energy booster. Best of all, this tasty duo is only 60 calories.

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