4 Meals for Mind and Body


Credit: Levi Brown

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Satisfying food cures

by Frances Largeman-Roth, RD Recipes by Lori Powell

These tasty eats will boost your mood, up your love life, and help you burn fat without trying.

Feel-Good Salmon Sandwich
Pan-seared salmon with walnut-and-spinach pesto on whole-grain roll with radicchio.

Salmon is a great source of mood-boosting omega-3 DHA fatty acids, and spinach is packed with magnesium, which has a relaxing effect and helps lower blood pressure. Get your fill of walnuts—they are a natural source of melatonin, which can help you get a better night's sleep.

The Benefit: makes you happy and calm all for just 420 calories and 35g of heart-healthy fats.

Try this recipe: Feel-Good Salmon Sandwich

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