The Perfect Haircut with Benefits

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The Cut: Long With Bangs

The Beauty Benefit: Erases Lines “Bangs soften up the area around your eyes and take the focus off any wrinkles,” Melville says. Request brow-skimming fringe and ask your stylist to make tiny vertical snips up into the bangs to create a soft, wispy texture. “It’s more flattering than heavy blunt bangs cut straight across,” Melville adds. And don’t think you have to cut your hair shorter as you get older; long, layered hair is always gorgeous.

Quick Styling Trick: Give your bangs special attention. Apply a tiny dab of styling cream, like Dove Frizz Control Therapy Taming Cream ($3.76), for light hold and frizz control. Then point a blow-dryer down at bangs from above and use a paddle brush or your fingers to straighten out any cowlicks and smooth your strands. Avoid the round brush; you want to turn the clock back a few years—not all the way to the ’80s.

“Layers, fringe, and wispy ends soften your features and make you look younger. Skip cuts with sharp angles; they generally do less for your looks”
—Patrick Melville, hairstylist, New York City

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