How to Have a Healthy Shopping Day


Credit: Paula Hible

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Make sure the shoe fits

Nothing wrecks a good day of shopping like sore feet, says podiatrist Marlene Reid. You need traction and support for those quick turns between racks and trekking through parking lots. That’s why we like these cute Bensimon sneakers ($54). You can even loosen the laces when your feet start to swell.

Banish germs
Keep hands soft and germ-free with purse-size antibacterial moisturizing lotion in Japanese Cherry Blossom ($4).

Stay on budget
Is it worth it? Smart budget shoppers figure that out by asking this question, says shopping expert Kathryn Finney: Will I wear it? “People get caught up in the price. But if something costs $5 or $10 and you end up not wearing it, it’s just money wasted,” she says. Divide the price of the item by the number of times you’ll wear it in a month to figure out if it’s “worth it,” she adds.

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