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Delicious Ways to Savor Your Spuds

It's a shame most people associate potatoes with french fries and chips—these starchy veggies are nutritional powerhouses.
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Tasty taters

The average American eats his weight (about 138 pounds) in potatoes every year. It's a shame most people associate potatoes with french fries, chips, or baked potatoes, loaded with butter and cheese. These starchy veggies contain 60 different kinds of phytochemicals and vitamins in their skins and flesh. Try these five fresh ways to savor your spuds.

Potato Cakes

These versatile mashed potato patties are a unique alternative to noodles, rice, and bread, and contain only 80 calories. Made with five simple ingredients, they complement everything from veggies to veal.

Try this recipe: Potato Cakes

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