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Halloween Candy Without the Heartburn

Halloween is tricky for anyone watching her waistline—mountains of candy and goodies pile up on every countertop. All these goodies can make for a miserable night for heartburn sufferers. Scare heartburn away from your haunted house using this GERD-free guide.

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Have goodies without GERD

by Mara Betsch

Halloween is tricky for anyone watching her waistline, but for chronic heartburn sufferers, all those goodies can make for a miserable night. "When it's not treated, chronic heartburn can have serious consequences. The good news is that heartburn and GERD are things you can control," says Pat Baird, RD, and board member of the National Heartburn Alliance.

Certain foods trigger heartburn in some patients and not others, but Baird lists citrus products, fatty foods, chocolate, and peppermint as common heartburn triggers. Besides avoiding certain foods, scare heartburn away from your haunted house by leaving the spandex costume at home. Tight, constrictive clothing may cause GERD symptoms. And if a chocolate binge happens, Baird recommends avoiding lying down 2–3 hours after eating.

Here, she gives us tips to sort through the tricks and treats in the candy bowl.

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