10 Ways You May Put Yourself at Risk for Flu (Without Realizing It!)


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Washing hands incorrectly

Too many people are not washing their hands correctly, despite all the advice to get scrubbing. The U.S. earned a measly B- on a report card that was issued by the Soap and Detergent Association based on the results of an independent telephone survey. Frequent hand-washing, as often as 10 times a day, is one of the most recommended defenses against the flu, but 39% of respondents seldom or never wash after coughing or sneezing. And almost half of the respondents who do wash only do so for 15 seconds or less, despite recommendations to wash for 20 seconds or more.

Whistle "Happy Birthday" twice while scrubbing all surfaces on hands and between fingers, and dry hands completely. Turn off the faucet and open the bathroom door with a paper towel to keep hands clean.

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