14 Types of Food That Can Make You Sick

Food poisoning is a horrible experience. But it’s hard to tell if food is safe to eat, partly because problems are relatively rare.
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Meat, which is regulated by the USDA not the FDA, caused at least 33,000 illnesses from 1998 to 2010, according to a CSPI report. Chicken was the top offender, with 455 outbreaks linked to almost 7,000 illnesses. Ground beef was second. In August 2013, 50,000 pounds of ground beef were recalled due to possible contamination with dangerous E. coli O157:H7. Raw food from animals—undercooked meat, raw eggs, raw milk, and raw shellfish—are the most likely foods to be contaminated, says the CDC. Treat uncooked meat and poultry as potentially contaminated, and make sure to cook them thoroughly. Clean any surfaces that meat has come into contact with, and follow FDA guidelines on food prep to avoid getting sick.

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