What Ails You: Cold, Flu, or Something Else?

With flu season in full swing, it’s important to know what ails you (so you can help stop the spread by staying home). But how do you really know if you have the flu—swine or seasonal—or if it’s just another cold or an allergy? Use our handy sympt-o-meter.
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Key symptom: Itchiness (eyes, nose, and throat)

Best fix: Antihistamines or a neti pot

Allergies are less troublesome in winter than spring and fall, but if you’re sneezy, itchy, and runny, you may be having an attack. It’s smart to keep on hand the allergy meds that work best for you, no matter the season. If you have chronic irritation, try a neti pot, a teapot-like tool that irrigates your sinuses and removes offenders, or a saline nasal spray.

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