Healthy Lunches to Bring to Work


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Pack-and-go (and save!)

Trying to save your pennies? A sandwich and a drink will cost you almost $10—and that's on the cheap side. Instead, pocket the money and enjoy our healthy and delicious updates to your lunch favorites. These recipes are good for you and your wallet.

(Looking for kid-friendlier lunch ideas? Try these!)

Turkey-Boursin wrap
This French-inspired wrap packs plenty of flavor but is a leaner and meaner version of your deli favorite.
• Cabbage and plum tomatoes are antioxidant-rich
• Carrots provide a full day's worth of cancer-reducing vitamin A
• Boursin brings a creamy texture and dash of garlic and parsley
• Turkey adds lean, filling protein and a savory taste
A side or fresh raspberries or blueberries will polish off this nutrient-rich meal.

Try this recipe: Turkey-Boursin Wrap

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