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Unsolicited Pregnancy Advice, Examined

People love to give pregnant women advice, but their good intentions are often uninformed. Here, experts explain what's true, and what's not.

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You're not eating licorice, are you? You're going to go into preterm labor!

In 2001, the American Journal of Epidemiology published a study linking the consumption of licorice and premature births. This study involved Finnish women who ate glycyrrhizin (pure licorice root) each week throughout their pregnancies.

The good news is that you would really have to try to eat that much pure licorice, particularly since it’s only found in a few specialty brands of black licorice.

And if you did consume licorice containing glycyrrhizin, you are still at no risk, according to this study, unless you ate 500 mg or more each week throughout your pregnancy.

Dr. Lockwood also points out that licorice containing glycyrrhizin “does have a mild diuretic effect and could cause dehydration, which could trigger contractions."

The bottom line: Limit yourselves, ladies, but eating Twizzlers is not going to make you go into labor.

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