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Psoriasis Insights

Can a Healthy Diet Help Psoriasis?


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What should you eat?

Emphasizing foods that contain antioxidants, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans, which can reduce inflammation, may also help, says Deirdre Earls, RD, a dietitian in private practice in Austin, Texas.

A chronic psoriasis sufferer herself, Earls says she has had minimal outbreaks since she started following a diet based on the University of Michigan Integrative Medicine Clinic’s Healing Foods Pyramid six and a half years ago. The diet has also helped her patients, Earls reports.

Even if you can’t make all the changes, small tweaks (eating more vegetables, trading white bread and rice for whole grains, eliminating processed food) can improve your health. “Proceed at your own pace and focus on the positive choices you make,” advises Earls.

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