10 Celebrities Who Battled Breast Cancer

Here are all the details about how 10 famous women fought breast cancer while being in the public eye. Read about how they were diagnosed, which treatment they chose, and what they're doing now.

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Melissa Etheridge (diagnosed 2004 at 43)

Rocker Melissa Etheridge famously performed bald during a Janis Joplin tribute at the 2005 Grammys after completing a rigorous regimen of chemotherapy and radiation following a lumpectomy. She had found a lump in her left breast the year before while examining herself in the shower and was inspired to write the song “I Run for Life” about the battle against breast cancer.

Etheridge has lost her father, aunt, and grandmother to cancer, and describes her own experience as leading to a "spiritual awakening." "It taught me that I shouldn't do anything that I don't love completely," she said in September 2007.

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