Celebrity Sleep Secrets, and What You Can Learn From Them

Celebrities lead fabulous and often hectic lives—jetting across the country on a whim, partying at late-night hot spots, following rigorous touring or filming schedules—so it's no surprise that sleep may not always be a number-one priority.

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Leonardo Da Vinci

The Renaissance man reputedly slept almost exclusively in power naps: 15-minute siestas every four hours, equaling a shockingly low total of 1.5 hours a day. While we can't be sure he actually slept this way, research has proved it could be possible. Claudio Stampi, a sleep researcher, found that the catnap sleep schedule is possible to follow, but not for long. Da Vinci most likely could not have slept this way for more than two months, or he would not have been the scientist, mathematician, and artist we know him as today.

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