Quitting Cigarettes: 10 Smokers Who Kicked Butt (or Are Trying To)

We invited readers of Essence and All You magazines to send in their stories about quitting smoking—some successful, some not. Here are some of the responses that came in.

Credit: Lynne Berney

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Lynne Berney, 39

I started smoking when I was in college and waiting tables at night. Everyone would sit in the corner at break time and smoke, so I started just to fit in. That was when I was about 18. It developed into an addiction, of course.

During my smoking years, I got married and had a baby. My husband hated that I smoked and got to the point that he didn't want to kiss me because of the taste of my mouth. I so regret that I exposed my beautiful daughter to that filth when I was carrying her.

The day I decided to quit for good was my 30th birthday. I decided that I wanted to be able to say "I only smoked when I was in my 20s." I quit by using the patch and praying—a lot. Also, I put the patch in hard-to-get-to areas so I couldn't rip it off easily when I had a craving. I also told myself that those patches were expensive and I wasn't wasting them!  

I am almost 40 years old and so much happier now. I have more money in my pocket and get plenty of kisses from my husband!

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