5 Most Common Myths About the Common Cold

Will going outside with wet hair make you sick? Find out if your favorite old wives' tale about the common cold, from "feed a cold, starve a fever" to "eat chicken soup," actually has a grain of truth.

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Vicks VapoRub in your socks cures coughs

In 2007, a widely circulated email recommended putting Vicks VapoRub on children’s feet at night and covering them with socks to cure coughs; it became an Internet sensation.

The email identified the source of the miracle cure as the “Canada Research Council,” which prompted the National Research Council of Canada to issue a statement saying it had nothing to do with the email or its advice. VapoRub, which is usually applied to a child’s chest or throat, releases vapors that are intended to relieve cough symptoms when inhaled—so it seems far-fetched that it would work if it's in your socks. Still, some fans stand by this unorthodox treatment.

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