Simple Steps to a Healthier You

Bye-Bye, Belly

Check out these 50 tummy-shrinking tips—including some quick fixes for fitting into those skinny jeans tonight.
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Try Pilates. According to a Greek study, these exercises significantly improve posture—and that naturally minimizes a pooch.

Move! A Duke University study showed that a couch-potato lifestyle resulted in an 11.6% increase in deep-belly fat in women over eight months.

Another reason to stop smoking: Nicotine keeps abs from burning fat, so smokers often have more deep-tissue belly fat.

Relax. Women with the largest waistlines also reported the highest stress levels, possibly due to the production of the stress hormone cortisol, Yale University research showed.

Beat the blues. Depression is associated with higher rates of abdominal fat in women, says a study published in Obesity.

Get more sleep. Women who get only five hours of shut-eye a night are almost twice as likely to be obese as those who get seven hours, Columbia University researchers point out. 

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