5 Irresistible, Healthy Asian Recipes

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Have an Asian taste invasion

Though the plant-based diets of Asian countries are low in fat and linked to lower rates of chronic conditions (cardiovascular disease, cancers, osteoporosis), this cuisine has evolved to include unhealthy oils and way too much sodium. Avoid sesame chicken and enjoy these equally mouthwatering, but nutritious Asian dishes.

Asian Barbecued Pork With Broccoli
Popular in many Asian dishes, pork can be a lean and tasty alternative to chicken. Though this dish seems simple (it involves only pork, broccoli, and basmati rice), the oyster sauce packs a punch. It mixes savory and sweet ingredients for the perfect seasoning. As an added bonus, this dish contains 5 grams of iron (nearly one-third of a woman's recommended daily amount).

Try this recipe: Asian Barbecued Pork With Broccoli

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