Allergy-Proof Your Life

Your Secret Allergy Triggers Revealed

Your allergies could be due to household items like candles, chemicals, stuffed animals, spices, and more.
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Wall paint

The solvents and synthetic resins used in paint often lead to itchy eyes and headaches. Oil-based paints are a particular problem because they can continue releasing chemicals even after they dry.

What to do: Keep windows open as often as possible and allow fresh air to circulate for four weeks after painting, no matter what kind of paint you use. If possible, use latex paint, which emits less gas than oil-based kinds due to its water base. What about paint with low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds)? They spew fewer chemicals into the air and are less smelly than regular paints. But that doesn’t mean they won’t bother you. To find these paints, look for the “Green Seal” certification mark on the label.

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