Top Weight-Loss Secrets: How Women in the Army Lose Baby Fat

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The Army takes notice

In December 2007, the Army decided to duplicate the success of the Fort Bragg program and others like it with a standarized version that's going Army-wide, called Pregnancy/Postpartum Physical Training (PPPT). Enlisted soldiers who normally do physical training with their units are required to enroll in thes programs shortly after learning that they’re pregnant.

The program follows guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which encourages exercise throughout pregnancy, and hosts hour-long workouts at least three days a week. It also includes parenting classes. It's been so successful that some Marine and Air Force personnel sit in on Army PPPT Leader Training courses, planning to implement similar programs. And it's not just for the ladies: Men who attend these classes as guests leave sweaty and out of breath, as well. They take away new experiences to replace stereotypes about what pregnant and postpartum soldiers can do.

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