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Everybody feels sad once in a while. Depression, on the other hand, is a complex condition characterized by profound sadness, lethargy, feelings of worthlessness, and a loss of interest in social activities. About 15 million people in the U.S. are diagnosed with clinical depression each year.

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First Things First: This Is Not Your Fault and It Can Be Treated

Depression is more than the blues. It's a chronic illness that, left untreated, can worsen. Educating yourself on the symptoms and treatments is the first step to feeling better.

Depression News

  • Early Hospital Release May Hurt Broken-Hip Patients

    WEDNESDAY, Feb. 25, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Older patients with a broken hip are more likely to die after the fracture if they’re discharged from the hospital early, a new study indicates. “Our results suggest that the continuous efforts to decrease length of stay after major surgery is associated with higher mortality after hospital discharge,” Peter [...]

  • Risk of Violent Crime Rises With Depression, Study Finds

    WEDNESDAY, Feb. 25, 2015 (HealthDay News) — People with depression might be more likely to commit a violent crime than those without depression, a new study suggests. Researchers analyzed data from more than 47,000 people in Sweden who were diagnosed with depression and followed for an average of three years. They were compared to more than [...]

  • Leading Medical Groups Call for Measures to Reduce Gun Injuries, Deaths

    MONDAY, Feb. 23, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Urgent action is needed to reduce gun injuries and deaths in the United States, say several leading medical groups that offer a number of recommendations to achieve that goal. “Along with our colleagues in law and public health, those of us who represent the nation’s physicians realize that [...]

  • Troops in Middle East May Be at Risk for Lung Problems

    SATURDAY, Feb. 21, 2015 (HealthDay News) — U.S. soldiers serving in the Middle East and Afghanistan may be at risk for lung damage from exposure to dust there, a new study suggests. Researchers analyzed the composition, mineral content, and bacteria, fungi and virus levels in dust samples collected from Iraq and Afghanistan, and they measured the [...]

  • Narcotic Painkiller Use Tied to Higher Risk for Depression

    FRIDAY, Feb. 20, 2015 (HealthDay News) — High doses of powerful narcotic painkillers appear to be linked to a higher risk of depression in patients, new research finds. The study focuses on a class of prescription narcotic painkillers called opioids, which include drugs such as Oxycontin and Vicodin. While most people use the medicines to ease [...]


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