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Knee Pain


Exercises That Help Prevent Knee Pain

Protect and pamper your knees now, and they'll keep you striding strong and pain-free for life. Here are key stretching and strengthening moves from physical therapist Lisa Konstantellis.   View slideshow


How to Avoid Knee Pain

The number-one secret for happy knees? Stay at a healthy weight. Every extra pound you pack on puts about 4 extra pounds of pressure on your knees when you walk or take the stairs. Read on for more great knee-saving tips.   View slideshow

Strategies for a Faster Recovery From Hip and Knee Surgery

Patients share their strategies for pain relief and success
Knee and hip replacement operations can result in a lot of pain, but surgical techniques have improved significantly in the past 20 years. Risks such as infection, blood clots, and extreme postsurgical pain have been reduced, refinements in technique and anesthesia have cut recovery time, and implants work better. Still, recovery can be a long, difficult road for which patients should be mentally and physically prepared.  Read More