Condoms, IUDs, and Other Forms of Birth Control


The Best Birth Control for You Now

Whether you’re still in single mode or done with the whole kid thing, there are new ways to prevent a whoops pregnancy. Find the option that fits your life.   View slideshow

3 Reasons to Use a Condom

Protect against slip-ups and accidents
These days men and women are using condoms for three reasons: for birth control, to protect themselves against "sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)", and as a backup to other birth control methods to avoid slip-ups and accidents.  Read More

Don't Bother Blaming the Condom (It's Usually Your Fault)

Condom misuse is behind more unwanted pregnancies than breakage is
In theory, condoms are 97% effective for preventing pregnancy—that's almost as effective as the Pill. But under real-life circumstances, so many people use them incorrectly or avoid them for one reason or another that the effectiveness of condoms drops to 85%.  Read More


Amazing Moments in Birth Control

The pope disapproves of it. Teenagers are confused by it. And it may be one of the world's most politically charged health issues. Though most people associate birth control with the advent of the Pill in the '60s, contraception is an age-old concern.   View slideshow


The Grown-Up's Guide to Birth Control

Been on the Pill forever and wondering if it's still safe? Curious about the IUD? Read on for answers to all your most pressing questions.