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Triggers and Prevention


11 Surprising Headache Triggers

Baffled by what's causing your pain? You may be surprised by what could be to blame. Take a look at your personality traits, weight, daily schedule, and what you're eating and drinking to find out if one of these is contributing to the problem.   View slideshow


Headache-Proof Your Home

Even those who aren’t especially prone to pain can be susceptible to household triggers. Thankfully, you (and your head) don’t have to be held hostage: Cut down on headaches by controlling factors such as lighting and smells.   View slideshow


Headache-Proof Your Diet

Not sure why your head’s pounding? It could be what you’re eating and drinking. Keep a food diary to see if there’s a pattern, and watch out for these common culinary headache culprits.   View slideshow


The Top Migraine Triggers

For people who experience from migraines, certain foods, strong perfumes, flickering lights, and weather changes and other environmental factors can set off an attack.   View slideshow


Get Headaches? Smart Ways to Deal

Sometimes you know exactly what's causing that pounding in your skull. Other times, you're blindsided. Outwit these unexpected pain triggers, from bright lights to bad weather.   View slideshow

Reduce Your Headaches by Keeping a Headache Diary

Tracking down your triggers can help you prevent the pain
No one who gets severe headaches such as migraines needs a lecture on the virtues of prevention, but it's hard to remember everything that you did the night before you had to spend that day in bed. Headache triggers vary, and your memory can be surprisingly unreliable. So specialists recommend narrowing down the suspects in a headache diary.  Read More

Got a Headache? What's Really Causing It

The unexpected reasons for all kinds of health woes—and how to cure them fast.
Did you know that your cherished weekend nap may be a headache trigger? Or that your beloved BlackBerry is behind that pain in your neck? We sure didn't, until we went to some of the country's leading experts to find out what's behind many of your most common health complaints. Read on to learn about six surprising culprits—plus fast fixes that really work.  Read More